Many Hands, One Dream is a long-term initiative to generate commitment, foster collaboration, and develop and implement solutions that will improve the health of Aboriginal children and youth in Canada.
This project seeks to build a broad-based movement to:
Engage professions that work with children to implement the holistic vision of Aboriginal child and youth health developed at the Many Hands, One Dream summit, respecting the diverse cultures, contexts and languages of Aboriginal peoples.
Improve the health and well-being of Aboriginal children and youth, their families and their communities through a sustained strategy of advocacy and collaboration, with a particular focus on structural and systemic health risks.
Describe the key health risks facing Aboriginal children and youth as well as the policy, practice and research solutions to redress those risks.
Redress inadequate research, policy and practice by developing more effective options.
Identify gaps in knowledge, policy and practice and develop strategies to fill those gaps.
Identify processes for effective exchange of knowledge between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples to benefit all children and youth.
To achieve these goals, the Many Hands, One Dream initiative will build on existing work and assets. This includes maintaining and strengthening the network created through the summit, connecting with similar movements, building an evidence base for the project, and developing a long-term plan.