What The Older Adults Need to Know about CoronaVirus?

In the last few months, the novel coronavirus has spread throughout the world. Quite unprecedentedly this pandemic had been able to put a stop to the lives of millions of people across the world. In this situation, the doctors of medical examination for immigration pointed out that the older adults are more vulnerable to this virus than anyone. In the following section of this article, the doctors have offered all the necessary information that older adults need to know about coronavirus. Keep on reading to know more details.

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Older Adults at Risk

The medical associations across the world have identified that older people are at a higher risk of infection. People who have chronic serious medical conditions like lung, heart or kidney disease are at a higher risk from a more serious form of COVID-19.

The reason for the vulnerability of older adults is majorly due to their weakened immune system. As people get old, their immune system starts to get weakened. It makes their bodies harder to fight off infections and diseases. There are many older adults who are more likely to have underlying conditions that make it harder for them to recover from the illness. That is why older people are more vulnerable to respiratory and lung failures than younger ones.

How To Avoid Illness

The best way to avoid illness is to avoid exposure completely. The older people and those who are suffering from serious chronic diseases should take the below actions.

  • Stock the supplies.
  • Take precautions to stay away from people and gatherings.
  • Keep away from sick people.
  • Wash your hands as often as possible.
  • Non-essential air travel should be avoided.
  • During an outbreak in your community, stay home as much as possible.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Clean and disinfect regularly.

How to Support Older Adults?

The doctors of medical examination for immigration think that it is high time for people of other age groups to support older adults. The doctors recommend that the caregivers, neighbours and family members can extend their help to the older adults by:

  • knowing about the medicine they take and try to arrange for extra dosages.
  • Monitoring food and other medical suppliers.
  • Creating backup plans.
  • Stocking up non-perishable food items to reduce the number of trips to the store.

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Beware of the Scams

While the older adults are facing perhaps one of the most traumatic times of their lives, there is no dearth of scammers who are trying to make the best of their situation. You should be aware of such scammers and try to protect older adults from becoming victims of these scammers as well.

It includes voluntary emails from CDC and online discounts for vaccinations. The doctors point out that there is currently no vaccine for COVID-19. There is no medicine other than the counter or prescription that can cure the COVID-19 as well.

With COVID-19 still very present in our world, the best course of action is to consult with the doctors of medical examinations for immigration before doing anything. Call them or get in touch with them via email to get the answer to your questions.

Why You Should Use CBD and Omega-3?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the supplements derived from cannabis plants. This cannabidiol does not contain any psychoactive drugs. Instead, studies have shown that CBD can help people to manage the hard to control the side effects of cancer and other equally life-threatening diseases.

Even though the researchers have not yet proved the relationship between cannabis oil and cancer, some of the studies have clearly shown that it can reduce the side effects of the treatment quite effectively. Among other things, CBD oil can help the patients to manage their appetite, emotional troubles, and improve their sleep patterns.

Cannabis oil and cancer

Pain Management

Among all the benefits of CBD oil that most people talk about, the pain-relieving factor has helped it to gain maximum popularity. Studies have suggested that CBD oil affects pain pathways and creates obstacles in the neuronal transmission of pain. Some other studies have shown that CBD oil significantly reduces the inflammation in the rats and mice.

However, the effects of CBD are not limited to only rodents. Studies have found out that the relationship between cannabis oil and cancer can relieve pain in patients without initiating different other side effects.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

It is the inflammation in different parts of our bodies that causes the feeling of pain in us. Studies have shown that CBD oil addresses these problems directly. It directly interacts with the receptor of the immune system and brains to make sure that the inflammation on the different parts of the body of a patient reduces alleviating the pain that comes with it.

Anti-Seizure properties

Dramatic fluctuations of the electric functionality in the brain often causes seizures. Over the years, some of the high profile cases have put the anti-seizure properties of the CBD oil in the limelight. Only recently, this amazing property of Cbd oil has been proved.

Reduces Anxiety

Even though Cannabis oil and cancer is mostly used to reduce the excruciating pain that patients often suffer due to cancer medication, it can also be used for reducing the problems of anxiety. Not only that, recent studies have also suggested that CBD can reduce other emotional problems as well.

Cannabis oil and cancer

Fighting Cancer

Even though many studies have indicated that CBD might have some valuable impacts on cancer patients, there is still no empirical proof. Right now, cannabis oil is used to reduce the side effects of cancer treatment, like the pain, loss of appetite and sleep, and emotional distress. However, researchers are still conducting experiments to find out if the anti-tumour effects of CBD are effective enough to reduce the malignant growth of the tumour cells.

Reduces Risks for diabetes

In one of the recent studies, the researchers have found positive effects on CBD on the diabetes-prone female mice. However, whether it can help humans to treat this problem is yet to decide.

CBD Omega-3

CBD oil interacts with the cannabinoid system of our body to generate the effects. The problem is that the phytocannabinoids require a specific fat source to stimulate the endocannabinoid receptors. If the patients consume omega-3 fatty acids along with the CBD oil, the effectiveness of the oil enhances in manifolds.

All in all, the combination of cannabis oil and omega-r3 fatty acid can create a powerfull pack to ignore. So, if you are suffering from some physiological issues or suffering from some life-threatening disease and want to improve the condition of your life, you should try this unique combination of CBD oil and omega-3 fatty acids.

Can You Escape Cancer with Essiac Tea? Time for Reality Check!

A lot can happen over a cup of essiac tea, even curing of cancer!

This herbal tea has become the buzzword in Canada over the recent years. If you are still unaware of the fact, hold on. You have landed up in the right write-up to get all the details about Essiac tea Canada.

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What is Essiac tea?

AS mentioned, this is an herbal organic tea touted mainly for its anticancer properties. Folklore says sometime around the 1920s, a Canadian medicine man promoted the tea as a natural cure to cancer. The lady claimed that one of her patients received this from an Ontario-based medicine man.

Many claims that Essiac tea is a Native American natural remedy. However, owing to its innumerable benefits, this herbal elixir is now widespread in Canada. You may now think what the secret recipe of this unique decoction is. Catering to your suspense, here they are:

  1. Turkey or Indian rhubarb root (powder)
  2. Burdock root (cut and dry)
  3. Sheep sorrel (whole herb including root)
  4. Slippery elm (inner bark, powder form)

Note: True Essiac contains only these 4 ingredients. If you want to buy genuine quality, make sure to hit the right spot available online.


Fact Check: Is Essiac tea Canada truly beneficial?

A gamut of conflicting evidences suggests that Essiac tea with super powerful antioxidant properties fight cancer at par. It kills cancer cells, triggers immunity, and aids in detoxification. Furthermore, it also helps in reinvigorating non-cancerous cells in the patients. An abundance of people has been benefited after consuming Essiac tea Canada on a regular basis.

Other benefits of this tea are:

  1. Presence of slippery elm helps in treating inflammatory bowel disease
  2. Sheep sorrel also antiviral properties
  3. Additionally, burdrock root ameliorates skin texture and also stabilize blood sugar
  4. Indian rhubarb inhibit the production of cancer cells in liver

With such potential-health promoting properties, this organic tea is truly a cup of pleasure to sip in.

essiac tea

Dosage of Essiac tea

If you are planning to buy Essiac tea Canada, here comes a quick tip for maximum benefits. Like every medicinal tea, this also has a proper dosage. Go through:

  1. For mild use: If you want to consume the tea for mild therapeutic purpose, drink only a quarter to half cup of the tea.
  2. For serious concern: Contrarily, if the condition is serious, you may drink the tea for a few times throughout the day. It is always advisable to consume up to three ounces per cup.

However, try to consume the tea on an empty stomach. Additionally, you must boil it to infuse in all the goodness of this herbal wonder.

Bottom line:

Essiac tea Canada is undoubtedly a powerful antioxidant tea that is beneficial for all the ages. However, if you are allergic to a certain family of herbs, better visit a doctor to avoid any minute side-effect. Not to mention, from eradicating toxin to giving pink health, Essiac tea holds immense potential in the medical science. Thus, serve your spirit with a hot cup of Essiac!

Important Facts about Dual Diagnosis

Many people may not be aware of a condition which is often termed as ‘dual diagnosis’. Basically, dual diagnosis is considered to be a condition where an individual has to deal with their alcohol or drug dependence as well as mental health disorder. Dealing with any one problem such as drug or alcohol dependence is enough. Added to that another health problem can be very traumatic experience. Hence, a person suffering from dual disorder should be carefully treated.

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Known By Other Names

Detox centre in Vaughan often refer dual diagnosis as dual disorder or co-occuring or concurrent disorders. Whatever name with which this disorder might be referred, it is important to get the problem treated. Leaving the problem untreated can lead to a wide range of problem.

Forms of the Disorder

There can be different forms of this disorder. For instance, a person suffering from this problem might show a trait of meth addiction and anorexia; or they might even show a sign of depression and alcoholism, and more. Usually, it has been seen that a person suffering from this disease struggles from their addiction to the following items. They are:

  • Opioids
  • Stimulants
  • Alcohol
  • Hallucinogens

Added to that the health conditions which a person suffering from dual diagnosis might encounter are:

  • Anxiety
  • Schizophrenia
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder


Dealing with the Issue

Many people who might be struggling with this issue can take the help of detox centre Toronto in order to treat the disorder. According to a study, the rehab centre can find a suitable treatment for the patient which would help them to heal very fast. Most of the rehab centre offers dual diagnosis treatment program, which would meet the personal needs of the patient.

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Before going for a treatment, it would be better, if one goes through certain facts about dual diagnosis. If you are interested to learn about it, take a look below:

Very Common

Dual-diagnosis disorder is a very common thing. Based on a report published by the National Alliance on Mental Health, one–third of the population suffers from substance abuse and mental disorder.

Treating is Difficult

This kind of disorder can be very overwhelming for the patient. Detox centre in Vaughan find it very difficult to treat this health condition, as it is very complex one. People become more resistant to the treatment.

Prescription Killer Addiction

Those who suffer from dual diagnosis are highly dependent on painkillers, instead of alcohol. Hence, the treatment process might vary depending on the prescription drugs. In order to find the suitable treatment, it would be better if expert advice is taken.

Treatment Can Be Complicate

Medical professionals of Neworld Medical detox centre in Vaughan mention that treating patients with dual diagnosis can be very difficult that those with single addiction. The symptom of mental condition and addiction are almost similar. So identifying and treating the disorder correctly is important.

If you want your loved one to successfully recover from dual diagnosis problem then choosing a suitable treatment is essential. Treatment facilities like detox centre Toronto should work on the two problems together, instead separately. Once the person is properly counseled, treatment for the patient becomes easy.